• Blaming and complaining are the losers business.
  • Until you acknowledge that you’ve created your current state of life, you won’t gain the knowledge of actions to recreate the future state of life that you want.
  • You are responsible for the results you produce in life because you are in absolute control of your response to the events of life.
  • The deciding factor to your success is-You.
  • The limitless mind alsways overrides the limiting factors of life.
  • Circumstances cannot stop you but rather circumstances introduces you to You.
  • Self-defeating behavior can never enhance success.
  • Self-defeating behavior is success-destructive.
  • Defending self-destructive habits is living in defiance to success.
  • Failure to self-educate is self-sabotage.

Udeme Archibong

Udeme Archibong is a self-development trainer and transformational speaker. She is the C.E.O of World Light Bearers Ventures; the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars and Trainings; the author of several books such as “Living the Ideal Life”, “Enduring Success”, “Timeless Gems on Influence” and others; A former columnist with This Day Newspapers (a national newspaper in Nigeria); the writer of the column, Success Recipe on Vanguard newspapers (a national newspaper in Nigeria; the presenter of Success Recipe radio program; the content developer of Success Recipe blog and a member of the Board of Trustees, “Center for Human Rights Advancement and Civic Education.”

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