• Words paint pictures within and when the pictures are upheld in our minds, it features in our lives.
  • What you think you set the limits for what you can do and places the boundaries on what is possible in your life.
  • Destiny shift is possible when there is a mental shift.
  •  Daily improvements make for progressive changes.
  • Opportunity is everywhere but only the creative thinker recognizes it.
  • Moments of meditation are creative moments.
  • The team works when it is bonded by love.
  • Recognition of the Divinity within rekindles faith and reverses fear.
  • Until what we do with what we know counts, we cannot count on what we know.
  • Worry wearies life.


    1. Thanks for the motivation. what we know and what we do count , we can’t count on what we know alone. is like faith and deed is better. faith without deed is useless.

      1. Thank you Adeyemi Adeleke, Great hearing from you.
        You are on point. You are highly esteemed by us. We greatly appreciate you.

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