• Individuals with principles become principal influencers,
  • Taking undue advantage of others removes the advantage due to you.
  • Sound principles makes for secured success.
  • Patience always outlast the delays of life and proves that success cannot be denied.
  • When you develop a keen sense of observation you preserve your sense of value which creates value for you and others.
  • The counterfeits of humanity forfeits their place in destiny.
  • Goodness to others attracts the flow of good towards you.
  • When you differentiate your self-worth from your net-worth you live a worthwhile life.
  • Have a comeback plan for your take off flight to your dreams.
  • When people look down on you, never look down on yourself; look up and your life will go up.
  • To live by noble convictions is to step out of the crowd and live in distinction.


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